Storm Cleanup

After a storm strikes, you need a plan of action to ensure your property gets cleaned up safely. Contact our professionals at Hammerbrush Restoration to quickly assess your property, develop a plan of action and execute the restoration process efficiently. 
Restoration When You Need It Most
Flood Cleanup

If your home experiences flooding from a storm, the team at Hammerbrush Restoration is here to help you decide what your best option is. We come out and assess the site and give you options that are best for your situation.


When a storm strikes and you have to leave your home for an extended period of time, our team can help store and clean your possessions while you are waiting for your home to be restored.


Cleaning Services

When disaster strikes, Hammerbrush Restoration can repair:
• Carpet

• Hardwood

• Drywall & More

Odor Control

After any disaster strikes your property, odors can persist.  With fire, you experience smoke odor and water damage that can lead to mold. If your property has a smell after a disaster strikes, contact our team.

Air Duct

It is likely after any damage to a property that the air ducts have been compromised with mold or other particles. Not only can this move unwanted odors throughout your home, but it can also lead to poor air quality.  Speak with one of our professionals about our Air Duct cleaning service.

Wildlife Damage

Animals can cause structural damage to your property if they stay for long periods of time. Instead of taking measures into your own hands, give us a call to take care of the pests and assess any potential damage to your home.

Inspection & Proposal

We work with your insurance to make the process easier

Climate-Controlled Storage

Keep your belongings safe during long-term projects

Restoration Process

We work hard to get your property back to normal

Mitigation & Restoration

We Assess, Remove, and Restore.

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